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    1. Discuss the type aircraft you are interested in purchasing and your price range.
    2. Locate available airplanes that meet your requirements and price.
    3. Contact sellers to determine pricing, aircraft details and any issues.
    4. Devise a plan with you to make an offer.
    5. Inspect, fly and supervise pre-purchase inspection of the aircraft.
    6. Manage sales agreement and proper paperwork of the sale if appropriate.
    7. Deliver aircraft to buyer (continental US).
    8. Limited flight checkout to buyer if appropriate.

    I charge a flat fee of 4% to 7% of the price of the aircraft. Pre-purchase inspections, travel expenses, title searches, escrow fees are not included.

    If you would like to be contacted about selling your plane, please fill out the form to the right, or call (720) 201-1762.

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