• 1990 Sukhoi SU-26 – N26MX

    • Full
      • Location:

      • Engine Hours:

      • Prop:

        Avia V508E/106/A 3 Blade. Governor Dual-Action
      • Horsepower:

      • Engine Type:

      • Fuel Capacity (gals.):

      • Overall Lenght:

      • Inspection Status:

      • Seating Capacity (Std):

      • Overhaul:

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    Features Overview
    • Audio Alarm System
    • Back-up Battery
    • Cleveland Brakes and SU-31 Brake System
    • EL Fuel Computer and Fuel Flow
    • Fire Suppression System
    • Garmin 330 Transponder
    • Garmin 430 Full IFR
    • Garmin Electric Gyro's Audio Panel
    • Lighted Panel for Night Ops
    • Lockable Gyro's for Aerobatics
    • Positive Pressure Oxygen System
    • Smoke System
    • Tail Hook for 1

      The Only Turbine Sukhoi Ever Powered By The Only FAA Type Certificated 601T. Fully Aerobatic +/- 9 G's 3D Aerobatics. Unreal Vertical Penetration

      Gross weight 2100 lbs.
      Thrust 3450 lbs.
      Thrust/wt. Ratio 1.6-Better than F-18 & Better than F-22 (Only exceeded by Space Shuttle)

      7000 Feet/Min Climb Rate (From Sea Level To 18,000 Ft Is 2min 30sec)

      Full IFR
      Positive Pressure O2 System.
      Excellent Condition
      One of a Kind Air Show Act, 3D Aerobatics, Dissimilar Dogfight/Formation

      Engine Specs:
      M601T All Attitude Oil and Fuel Pressure
      Only Military Engine in the Western World
      Only Type Certified Military Engine
      FAA E 00048 EN.
      All New Parts when zeroed out June 2008

      Dyno: 751
      Fully Automatic Start-Up System (Manual Override)
      Emergency Manual Override of FCU
      Two Bus Protected Aux. Fuel Pump
      Always maintained by Walter Team (Now G.E.)

      Full IFR Garmin 430. Transponder Garmin 330
      Audio Panel: Garmin Electric Gyro's
      Lockable Gyro's for Aerobatics
      Back-up Battery EI Fuel Computer and Fuel Flow
      Audio Alarm System for upset parameters
      Positive Pressure Oxygen System (Airplane Tested to 31,000ft.)
      Fire Suppression System
      Cleveland Brakes and SU-31 Brake System
      Smoke System
      Lighted Panel for Night Ops
      Extended Fuel Capacity-90 gallons usable
      20 min. Inverted Fuel
      Tail Hook for 1 person start-up
      Extended Rudder Surface
      P-Factor Counter Control
      No Accident History (Easy to Insure)
      10 yrs. Experience with this platform
      Wing Tip Wiring for Camera Work
      Control of Radio/Transponder/Audio Alarm/TX on Control Stick
      Uncontaminated RAM air Fresh Air to Cockpit

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